Observing her majesty Nature, wearing her beautiful Azorian dress

How São Miguel changed my life 

I had the pleasure to spend almost 7 months in the incredible capital island of the Azorian Archipelago: São Miguel.
I have to admit that at the really beginning of my stay there, I was scared.
Scared of being forgotten by all the professional contacts I made in the Uk, in Paris, in Spain and in Italy.
I thought that it would have been fun living FOR A WHILE in an island in the middle of the Atlantic, still unknown by 98% of the world’s population (If they have hear about that, don’t worry they just heard about the anticyclone that comes from this particular maritime region).
But 7 months are long if you are in a place where you feel you don’t belong to.

I spent all my childhood in perusing whatever I thought, for several amount of reason that I’m not listing now (if I do so, this article will be endless), I should have achieved within a certain age. I did really my best for everything I believed in, essentially between training and studying I did not have any “normal” social life until I turned 17.
I always thought that there’ll always be time to laugh, to have fun, to enjoy, to get deeply involved in relationships, and for all those kind of “emotional staff”.
But I didn’t realise that TIME is the biggest gift and the most uncertain thing, life gave us.
Living in this amazing island, knowing many locals, woke up this tiny little concept that everyone has hidden in the deepest part of their souls :

live as there’s no tomorrow,
live without regrets,
without thinking twice,
use your fears to challenge your life,
don’t be scared of getting bored because you know yourself and you know you’ll always find an exciting environment around you in every place you go.

Thank NATURE and cultivate the feeling you have with her, is your mother and mine and everyone’s.
You are part of all of this, we forgot about our souls and our inner nature of human beings. We are animal with hearts than can love infinitely.

Please STOP playing cool, stop being another victim of this sick society that forced us to control our feelings and don’t hold them, let them be!
Don’t do it for me, or for anybody else, do it for yourself, you deserve it.

Love without fear,
 your plans if you have to,
everything happens for a reason,
there’s no need to worry, none.

That incredible thing called life keeps going on his path, we can take many roads but it’ll never go backwards, so do you really wanna live with regrets, do you? come onnn .. life is beautiful!

Crazy to say that, but the truth is that living like an hippie for those few months made me realise all of that.

São Miguel’s beaches are DARK and sometimes (not that rarely) big waves play their opera using those charming blues to paint breathless landscapes.
The landscapes so unbelievable, such a mix of “wild pure beauty”.
Paints that show Nature’s power and its astonishing beauty contemporaneously.  Those colours and lights started to tease my curiosity of touch this amazing power. I felt the sea was calling me,yeah  they just released me from the mental hospital 🙂
I tried to surf. Yep I was scary but so curious at the same time, wanted to touch all this energy for once at least.
And…….. I found out it is an incredible feeling, that allows you to truly feel the connection we have with nature and all its strength.

It’s been a really gorgeous experience.
This 65 km long island gives the chance to choose between incredibly wild uncrowded places like the lakes Lagoa do Fogo, Lagoa das FurnasSiete Cidades, and the beaches: Praia do Populo, Santa Barbara, Praia Formosa, Mosteiros (see photos).
Places where by stepping barefoot on their rich vegetation,hiking and climbing natural walls, canyoning in rivers and falls, cuddle yourself with the natural hot springs, horse riding in the tea fields, surfing on the Atlantic, give you the chance to loose yourself and to find it again, feeling new and re-borned.

“Mind isn’t in your head, is the head the one who’s in your mind” A.Watts

All the listes opportunities are great experiences to remind ourself what should rule our lives.. work ? money? success?
Don’t know the answer for everyone but I can share mine.. HAPPINESS. Why? Because it’s what makes the difference. If you are happy nothing is heavy nothing is painful, you do everything with joy and pleasure, of course everyone has his bad moments, but what’s the point in seeing everything complicated?

Life is simple:
go, disconnect
from your routine and once you find the best bit of you,
share it with the whole world,
because at the end..
it is all about good vibes and crazy people that aren’t scared about what society makes you scared of!

I almost forgot..
everything has his bad side..
Almost everyday there are showers of 15 minutes  that surprise tourists and locals with their tiny cold drops.
But as we should always look at the bright side..
they serve to remind us that life is too short to spend it burning our skin under the sun, so……………..go living it!